GeneOn – Molecular Biology Products

GeneON is an advancing German Biotechnology Company providing high quality molecular biology products to researchers in Institutes, distributors and OEM resellers as privat labeling products. All products come from the manufacturers directly.

DNA Marker
DNA, DNA Ladders, DNA Sizer, Protein-Marker – for precise qualitative analysis of DNA, RNA and Protein. Non-mutagenic reagent that produces instant visualization of DNA bands upon Blue Light or UV illumination of agarose gels.

> Cot I Human DNA
> DNA Ladders
> RNA Markers

> Protein Markers
> DNA Sizer Classic
> DNA/Phage/Cloning Vectors

Taq Polymerase for Hot Start PCR (qPCR) and real time PCR, Standard PCR and proof-reading (high-fidelity) PCR; extraordinary features in: speed, fidelity and error-rate.
● Polymerases for Hot-Start / real-time PCR

> Maximo-SNPase
> Maximo H-SPlus-Taq Polymerase (NEW)

> Maximo M-Superhot Taq Polymerase
> P-Superhot Taq Polymeras

● Polymerases for Standard PCR

> Maximo Taq Polymerase
> Maximo Taq Polymerase (2X pre-Mix)
> Maximo BLUE Taq Polymerase
> Maximo BLUE Taq Polymerase (2X pre-Mix)
> Maximo DFS-Taq Polymerase
> Maximo DFS-PLUS Taq DNA Polymerase (NEW)

> Bst DNA Polymerase (NEW)
> Pfu/Psp DNA Polymerase
> Pfu/Psp RED DNA Polymerase
> Pfu/Psp DNA Polymerase (pre-Mix)
> Maximo Tth DNA Polymerase

Reverse Transcription
Master Mixes and Kits; enzymes like MMLV Reverse Transcriptase, AMV Reverse Transcriptase or Tth DNA Polymerase for the synthesis of cDNA.

> LYO RT-PCR Mastermix (one-step)
> First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
> Reverse Transcriptase
> AMV Reverse Transcriptase

> Ribonuclease Inhibitor RNase Inhibitor
> Tth DNA Polymerase
> Random Primers
> Oligo (dT)15

Real Time PCR
Superior Taq Polymerase for Real Time PCR and Hot-Start PCR, low-copy number PCR, PCR of difficult templates, Hot-Start activity (only 5 min initial denaturation). The enzyme is developed to enhance the specificity, sensitivity and yield of DNA amplification. The enzyme provides a convenient setting up at room temperature.
> Maximo M-Superhot Taq DNA Pol. (qPCR)

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