Primer Design – qPCR Detection Kit

PCR or the Polymerase Chain Reaction has become the cornerstone of modern molecular biology the world over. Real-time PCR is an advanced form of the Polymerase Chain Reaction that maximizes the potential of the technique. PCR is a technique for amplifying DNA. There are 2 reasons why you may want to amplify DNA. Firstly you may want to simply create multiple copies of a rare piece of DNA. More commonly however you may wish to compare 2 different samples of DNA to see which is the more abundant. DNA analysis requires amplification in order for there to be enough DNA to give a detectable signal for quantification. If you amplify both samples at the same rate, you can calculate which sample had the highest copy number of the target of interest to begin with.
Primerdesign offers a complete range of products to help you achieve perfect real-time PCR data. At the same time, Genesig products offer world class portfolio of kits for the detection of pathogens, food testing, veterinary and much more.

The genesig q16
> The instrument is designed to accompany the genesig® easy product range which includes kits for more than 400 different DNA testing applications. The q16 is designed to make DNA testing affordable and easy for anyone in any business. The genesig® easy product range includes tests for a massive range of applications:
– Human Pathogens
– Veterinary & Agriculture
– Food & Water Testing
– Bio-threat Detection
– Genotyping Kits

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