SD Innovation – platlet aggregation test and osmotic fragility test

Expert in diagnostic hematology, SD-Innovation is a French company active in the manufacture and sale of biomedical equipment and blood analysis.SD-Innovation is at the service of biomedical innovation. It develops, manufactures and markets in France and abroad, innovative equipment, mainly for the health sector.
SD-Innovation created and developed two products: an Aggregometer for measuring platelet aggregation, and Osmocells a Semi-automaton, a unique device, for the measurement of the membrane resistance of the red blood cells. This equipment allows the diagnosis of diseases such as sickle cell disease and a quality control of red blood cells in blood transfusion bags, from the collection to the transfusion.

Study of the platelet
1. SD-Medical Thrombo-aggregometer
– It enables the measurement of the kinetics of blood platelet aggregation, provides rapid, reliable and reproducible measurements.
2. SD-Medical Consumables
– SD-Medical offers its own consumables required for the functioning of the SD-Medical Thrombo-aggregometer. Only the use of these references guarantee « performance » and the correct functioning of SD-Medical Thrombo-aggregometer.
– List of consumables for platelet aggregation:

  • Set of Glass tubes + Agitators SD-Medical (Ref: TH-CV-A-1000)
  • Glass tubes SD-Medical (Ref: TH-CV-1000)
  • Agitators SD-Medical (Ref: TH-A-1000)

3. SD-Medical Reagents
– List of reagents for platelet aggregation:

  • ADP reagent SD-Medical (Ref: AG001K-SD)
  • Epinephrin reagent SD-Medical (Ref: AG002K-SD)
  • Arachidonic acid reagent SD-Medical (Ref: AG003K-SD)
  • Ristocetin reagent SD-Medical (Ref: AG004K-SD)
  • Collagen reagent SD-Medical (Ref: AG005K-SD)
  • Lyophilized platelets kit SD-Medical (Ref: AG006A-SD / AG006K-SD)

Study of the red blood cell
1. SD-Medical Osmocells
– SD-Medical Osmocells allows the automatisation of the traditional manual techniques in order to limit the number of manipulation and readings associated with these techniques, particularly that of DACIE method.
– Application Filed:

  • Erythrocytes: Characterization of the hemolysis (fragility membranaire). Allows the determination of certain erythrocytes pathologies (Minkowski Chauffard).
  • Blood platelets: Characterization of swelling and the cellular lyses by slow dialysis or by the test described as ”the hypotonic shock response” (option), favoring for example, assessing the viability of platelet concentrates

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