USCN Life Science – Elisa Kits (For R & D)

USCN Life Science
USCN Life Science, a molecular biology and immunology research and experimental development oriented company focus on preparation of assay reagents, manufacturing of analysis equipments and service of animal experiments. The Immuno-detection Application Department focuses on assay kit development and production. At present, its main products include ELISA kits and CLIA kits designed in either two-antibody sandwich or competitive inhibition formats. Otherwise, its featured products are high sensitivity assay kits, anti-antibody assay kits for detection of antibody conversely, small molecule assay kits designed for samples from any species, multi-species assay kits designed for detection of target protein from more than two species, instant assay kits designed to save time and mini assay kits designed for samples of smaller quantities. ELISA kits are available for the following areas of research:

> ELISA kit for B-Cell Leukaemia/ Lymphoma 2 (Bcl2) SEA778
> ELISA kit for Caspase 3 SEA626
> ELISA kit for Caspase 9 SEA627
> ELISA kit for Caspase 7 SEA449

Cardiovascular Biology:
> ELISA kit for Angiotensin II (AngII) CEA005
> ELISA Kit for Angiopoietin 1 (ANGPT1) SEA008
> ELISA Kit for Nitric Oxide Synthase 3, Endothelial (NOS3) SEA868
> ELISA Kit for Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP4) SEA884

> ELISA Kit for Interferon Gamma (IFNg) SEA049
> ELISA Kit for Beta-Thromboglobulin (bTG) SEA370
> ELISA Kit for Interleukin 4 (IL4) SEA077
> ELISA Kit for Interleukin 6 (IL6) SEA079

Infection and Immunity:
> ELISA Kit for High Mobility Group Protein 1 (HMG1) SEA399
> ELISA Kit for C Reactive Protein (CRP) SEA821
> ELISA Kit for Complement Component 3a (C3a) SEA387
> ELISA Kit for Complement Component 5a (C5a) SEA388

> ELISA Kit for Tryptase (TPS) SEB070
> ELISA Kit for Advanced Glycation End Product (AGE) CEB353
> ELISA Kit for Apolipoprotein A1 (APOA1) SEA519
> ELISA Kit for Trypsin (TRY) SEA250

> ELISA Kit for Netrin 1 (Ntn1) SEB827
> ELISA Kit for S100 Calcium Binding Protein B (S100B) SEA567
> ELISA Kit for Ubiquitin Carboxyl Terminal Hydrolase L1 (UCHL1) SEG945
> ELISA Kit for Huntingtin (HTT) SEH922

Signal Transduction:
> ELISA Kit for Cyclophilin B (CYPB) SEA227
> ELISA Kit for Early Growth Response Protein 1 (EGR1) SEA416
> ELISA Kit for Angiopoietin 4 (ANGPT4) SEA668

Small Molecules:
> ELISA Kit for Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) CEB526
> ELISA Kit for Hyaluronic Acid (HA) CEA182
> ELISA Kit for Pentosidine (PTD) CEA264
> ELISA Kit for Glutathione (GSH) CEA294

Tumour Immunity:
> ELISA Kit for Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 Alpha (HIF1a) SEA798
> ELISA Kit for Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen 1 (SCCA1) SEB372
> ELISA Kit for Cyclophilin A (CYPA) SEA979
> ELISA Kit for Mucin 5 Subtype AC (MUC5AC) SEA756

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