COVID-19 is a rapidly spreading global threat that has been declared as a pandemic by the WHO. COVID-19 infection causes pneumonia in most of the cases and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in about 15 % of the cases. Mortality in COVID-19 patients has been linked to the presence of the so-called “cytokine storm” induced by the virus, which leads to ARDS aggravation and widespread tissue damage resulting in multi-organ failure.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived-Exosomes are secreted by stem cells, they play a role in cell material transport from one cell to another cell. They are membrane-bound extracellular vesicles, generally contain proteins, fats, nucleic acids, and various other materials. The role of immune system modulation of exosomes of mesenchymal stem cells has been studied and confirmed in more than one study. Exosome miRNAs detect and reduce cytokines that cause cytokine storms, subsequently reducing inflammation and preventing deterioration of the COID-19 disease.

What is CelltiX
. CelltiX is Cell Tissue brand for Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)
derived from the human umbilical cord.
• Umbilical cord tissue is a natural bi-product of childbirth.
• Wharton’s Jelly (WJSC) is a soft connective tissues that is found in
the umbilical cord, which protects the blood vessel from
• Collection of MSC from umbilical cord tissue is a safe and simple
procedure that poses no risk to the newborn baby and mother.

CelltiX nebuliser
• CelltiX is nebulized into a fine mist for patient to inhale.
• Nebulized CelltiX is a very effective and non-invasive treatment.
• Nebulization procedure provides an effective method to deliver
CelltiX directly to the lungs.


Advantages of CelltiX

• Umbilical Cord MSC is a relatively young cell
type compared to most other MSCs.
. There is no ethical concerns unlike Embryonic
Stem Cell.
• It can be harvested painlessly unlike bone.
marrow MSCs and has high cell
. It has wide differentiation potential.
. It is non-tumorigenic

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